Bio: I started a blog aimed at new ESL teachers. I remember the troubles I had when I started teaching overseas, hopefully this can help you. Feedback is welcome.

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8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Loved your article on RoK, and so far your blog is looking good!

    I spent nearly a decade teaching English in South Korea, Thailand, Russia and Kazakhstan, and I can affirm that what you write about is true!

    I ended up marrying a Russian girl and live in Moscow now, running my own TEFL operation and enjoying life. Despite western bs, life is still infinitely better than in my native Canada.

    Keep up the good work. Consider me a dedicated reader!


  2. Your website is super helpful and informative. I have recently been offered an ESL teaching job in China, Jiangxi province. Since I have a BA degree but no TEFL or teaching experience, the salary of 9,000 rmb plus an apartment seems acceptable. However, after I looked up the city on Google, I discovered the city looks very industrial and depressing. For someone like me without a TEFL or teaching certificate that wants a good salary, but also wants to have fun, enjoy life and meet beautiful Asian women, would you suggest I look at Taiwan instead? It seems the biggest demand for ESL teachers right now is in China but I’m concerned I might not enjoy living there, especially if it is not easy to make friends or meet attractive women there.


  3. Hi, as you can probably see, I’ve run out of things to say on here. If I think of something else, I’ll make another post. Glad you find it useful though as it is.

    I have lived in a number of countries around East Asia and Kaohsiung, Taiwan is where I love most. I moved back here a few months back, I was sick of China.

    Most Chinese cities are depressing. I was shocked at how lifeless and sterile they were.

    It’s hard to tell you what to do here. I could say to go to China for a year (9000 plus apartment isn’t bad) and work your ass off to learn how to teach, then get your Celta and teach somewhere cool. If you did that, you could save some cash, be fairly well prepared when you go where you want, and if you encounter some small trouble afterwards, just think about how happy you are to be out of China.

    I could also say that you only have one life to live, so come to where the living is good. Hard for me to say. Anywhere in particular you wanted to move to in Taiwan? It’s a lot harder to find a job here from abroad. Also, some places only hire at particular times.


  4. In doing a bit more research, it seems Taiwan will probably not be an option because the requirements are much higher than China while pay is a little lower. Chengdu might be a decent option, I heard a couple good things about it and it doesn’t look too depressing on YouTube. Personally, I think the women are much prettier in Vietnam and Korea but those might not be the best places to teach ESL these days as you described in one of your articles.


  5. I’ve never been to Chengdu. I’ve heard mixed things. They have a reputation for pretty women, but I don’t know how receptive they are to foreigners. Work on your putonghua. Air pollution is horrible apparently, but you can do a year there.

    Vietnam is not an option now, especially for newbies. The market just isn’t there. Korea can be both a good and a bad place to start out. Money is good, free apartment, but you have to work for Koreans. I have heard they’ve mellowed out a bit since I’ve been there, but I’d definitely check into the individual school first.


    1. It would be interesting if you could write an article about your experience in Taiwan. How is it different than China or Vietnam? What do you like or dislike about it? What subjects are you currently teaching?


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  6. I don’t think there’s a lot to say that hasn’t been said. Taiwan is like Vietnam except much richer and with much less crime. The streets are wider and it’s cleaner. I’ve had sex with fewer women in Taiwan.

    Taiwan is totally different from China. Chinese people are incredibly disgusting. They’re ruder as well. Pollution of all sorts, and food safety, are worse in China. Chinese cities are boring and without culture. Many internet sites are blocked. You can’t ride a motorbike. It’s hard to find many normal items in stores. China sucks.

    Honestly, it’s hard to think of anything bad about Taiwan.


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