The next step: get a teaching license!

I’ve already posted about how I started teaching subjects in a private program of a public school in China.  The experience inspired me to do two things: 1. stop teaching and living in China.  2. Go back home to get licensed as a teacher.

Just as my last post talked about teaching subjects instead of ESL as a step up the career ladder, getting licensed in your home country is the next step up.  It opens the door to the best jobs at the best schools.  Additionally, no doubt many of you, like myself, have wondered about the long term prospects of teaching ESL in Asia.  What then?  Having a license both opens doors over here and gives you a career should you choose to return home.

The trend of the last several years in ESL teaching in Asia is that as more young Westerners have discovered it, countries have enacted more regulations.  This makes it good for some, bad for others.  Those who meet the requirements have it better than ever.  A teaching license from your home country will probably never be a requirement for every job, but it will put you ahead of everyone else.

I will probably do mine next year online.  For a long time, distance learning was looked down on.  Western Governor’s University on the other hand is well regarded.  It’s teaching college has actually placed first in some rankings.  More importantly, you get a state teaching license.  It doesn’t matter which school you go to as long as you have the government license!

So if you want to bring your career up to the next level, or like teaching at real schools but are sick of Chinese management, this is something to look into.


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