Who is this blog for?

By nature I’m not good at teaching. I studied physics and math in college. I didn’t feel the strong need to talk a lot, interact, or stay physically active. So my teaching career did not start out well. The fact that schools typically give little or no training did not help. But my general comportment was a very big factor. I rarely connected with students and was fired from many jobs. I still have problems that I am working on, but my success has changed enormously in the classroom.

In some ways, this is better for you to read about than a teacher who’s always been very successful in the classroom. They may be just a natural who has trouble articulating how they do well, or even understanding what it is that they’re doing that helps them succeed. They lack perspective. This is a blog for new teachers.  Too many blogs have tips and tricks meant for already established teachers.  This is for those of you who have little to no foundation to work with.


2 thoughts on “Who is this blog for?”

  1. I am introverted too. Are there any other tips or suggestions that have helped you to improve or change your character for the better?

    Also, adding a few real life photos (of your school, apartment, neighborhood, friends, etc) would make your blog more interesting.


  2. Practice, practice is the main thing. If you feel anxious talking in front of the class just try to accept and then ignore the feeling and plow forward, if that makes sense. Try to keep in mind things like how fast you speak though.


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